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„Siiri Schütz has auditioned for me and subsequently played with me in a concert with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. She is a pianist of outstanding musicality and great technical ability. I wish her all the best for her further career.”
Claudio Abbado

„Siiri Schütz is the rising star in the sky of pianists. Excitation with magic turns “
Berliner Morgenpost

„Today Siiri Schütz is one of the most recognised artists of the generation of young German pianists.“
Nord Magazin Lübeck

To be heard only very seldomly: most refined manner of sound-magic… Siiri Schütz revealed music of turbulent intensity and utmost sensitivity, of clarity and tension…“

„The young pianist Siiri Schütz demonstrated technical brilliance and true mastery.“ Westfalenblatt

„Siiri Schütz baffled with stupendous technique … and moved the audience with her inwardly fulfilled playing.”
Tagwacht Bern

“A powerful appeal for pianistical courage and imagination”
Tagesspiegel Berlin

The young soloist was a great surprise, as she stepped in for Justus Frantz and used the hour to her favour. Siiri Schütz, a name you will want to remember.
Berliner Zeitung

On the way to the top Her Chopin interpretation was a phenomenal success. Especially in the Ballades Siiri Schütz proved herself as a gifted poet, who also evoked breathless tension of her public. With these highly talented musical potential the Berlin Pianist can compare herself even to the greatest artists within her profession. No doubt one will hear more from Siiri Schütz.

“Le cloud du spectacle était sans conteste la jeune et belle pianist allemande, Siiri Schütz. Humilité, justesse, brilliance, humour, candour et grace qualifient cette pianiste, parfaite dans cette innocence mozartienne.”
Le Quotidien

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